Bangor Contact Centre was established in 2008.  We are a voluntary organisation overseen by a board of directors and run by a part-time Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator & Team Leaders, with a team of trained, committed volunteers who are impartial and sensitive to the needs of the families.

Before Volunteers start in the Centre, they must provide two referees and undergo an Access NI police check, along with comprehensive training.

We have a tuck shop where drinks & snacks can be bought at reasonable prices to cover costs. We provide an extensive range of toys and games, with a main hall suitable for babies and toddlers, a sports hall for active games, and the option of a smaller carpeted room.

Those bringing children can wait in the coffee bar downstairs, should they be required to wait until the children are settled. The parents/adults do not have to meet if they don’t want to.

The building provides disability access. There are always Volunteers on hand to make sure everyone has what they need and to give a hand where necessary.

Opening Times

Thursday 4pm – 6pm


1st Bangor Presbyterian Church Halls, Main St. BT20 4AG

The Process

Before a family uses the Centre a referral form must be completed along with a pre contact assessment.

The coordinator will contact the referrer to arrange for parents to visit the centre and to check the details about the contact arrangements. This gives the parents a chance to see around, and ask questions or raise any concerns they may have. It is particularly helpful if the children can come and see round the building before meeting with their contact parent/adult.

Resident and contact adults are required to sign a consent form which sets out the ground rules for use of the Centre. The Resident adult is also asked to sign a form giving consent for their child to receive basic First Aid if necessary or be taken for medical care in an emergency.

The Centre can also be used as a handover point where visits take place outside the Centre. This must be agreed between the parents or other relevant adults or be by court order.

Meet Our Team

Maryanne Doherty, Coordinator

Megan Weimann, Deputy Coordinator

Terrie Mallon, Team Leader

Richard Gawn, Team Leader

Bangor Child Contact Centre

1st Bangor Presbyterian Church, Main St, Bangor, BT20 4AG
07540 143700

Child Contact Centres welcome referrals from solicitors, social workers, court services, other Voluntary Organisations, and sometimes families themselves.